Bible Activity Mornings

10.00am - 12.00pm

Tuesdays: 1st, 8th and 22nd August 2017


Parent and Toddler – Stay and Play

For parents /carers with their 0-4 year olds.

We will start the morning with action songs, musical instruments — lots of opportunity to release some energy and then relax and take part in a Bible story.

We will then open up the toddlers’ rooms, with plenty of books and toys to play with, and craft. We will have our very own snack time with fruit and drinks and the all important tea and coffee for the adults!

At the end of the morning we will give the older ones the opportunity to play some parachute games and simple races and enjoy our garden (weather permitting!!).


Bible Zone 5-11’s (Reception – Year 6)

Our morning will be an exciting, high energy, loud time where we can have fun meeting new friends, playing games, learning new things and discovering more about God. Our morning is split into 3 zones:

Energy zone - The morning starts with team games — a mix of the wild and wacky and the good old favourites. Have you ever played hungry hippos on a scooter board???

Activity zone – we all get creative, cutting, sticking, making a mess (and then tidying it up!!) or moving and imagining.

Discovery zone – songs, videos, actions, stories and quizzes all helping us to discover more about God’s love for us.

We will also have a snack time with healthy fruit and drinks, to help re-charge our batteries.


All sessions will be pre-booked, so complete your online booking to guarantee a place!


Only £2.50 per child per session or £6 per family per session


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